Statement Against Racism and Incitement to Hatred by the United Nations Organization Against the Tunisian Nation

إضغط للاطلاع على النسخة العربية

بيان ضد الممارسات العنصرية والتحريض على الكراهية من منظمة الأمم المتحدة ضد الامة التونسية

Tunis, April 5, 2023.

Greetings to the glorious Tunisian nation.

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination issued a statement on April 4, 2023 (published on the official United Nations website) accusing the Tunisian state and the entire Tunisian nation of racism and incitement to hatred against South Saharan African immigrants.

This statement, despite being issued by a UN body that should be independent and objective, repeats all the lies and allegations spread by Western media (such as “Le Monde”, “The Times”, “France 24”, “BBC” and “euronews”) between February and March about Tunisia with the aim of pressuring and coercing the Tunisian state into a foreign settlement-resettlement project.

Although this statement was issued by a UN body that should be independent and objective, it echoes the vicious campaign against the Tunisian state/nation to terrorize and intimidate it until it collapses psychologically and surrenders to the Western project aimed at turning it into a new home for hordes of foreign immigrants and sparing Europe the responsibility of receiving them after it has committed crimes against them and against the Tunisian nation for a long time. Accusing the Tunisian state of racism is a figment of the imagination and cannot be justified, especially when it comes from the United Nations, which is supposed to measure countries by the same yardstick, in addition to the discrimination enshrined in the composition of the Security Council, which gives permanent membership and the right to veto to five countries only, which undermines its legitimacy when it expresses an opinion on any discrimination issue, regardless of its nature.

Therefore, the Tunisian National Party finds it necessary to clarify that:

1. It rejects the intervention of the United Nations or any other international organizations or foreign countries in Tunisian affairs under any pretext.

2. It considers that the United Nations has sided with the forces hostile to the Tunisian nation and has proven its racism and that it is a mere tool in the hands of Western powers to achieve their criminal policies against other nations.

3. It renews its absolute support and standing behind the Tunisian state and the presidency of the republic in the face of all foreign forces, whether they are states or organizations, that aim to harm the security, stability, and dignity of the Tunisian nation.

-4. The party calls on all parties, associations, unions, and national media to issue statements rejecting any foreign intervention and to unite in a national front to support the Tunisian state and save the nation from the danger of Western conspiracy against its existence and destiny.

-5. The party calls on all Tunisians to fulfill their full duties in sacrifice, cooperation, and solidarity with each other and with the state to achieve full and necessary Tunisian unity for resilience and to thwart all foreign plans in Tunisia.

“No colonization, no settlement in Tunisia for Tunisians.”

“Long live the great and strong Tunisian nation forever.”

The Tunisian National Party

Political Bureau.

إضغط للاطلاع على النسخة العربية

الحزب القومي التونسي

الحزب القومي التونسي

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